Best Over The Counter Skin Lightening Cream

Skin Lightening Cream

In an age where skin cancer runs rampant many people have decided to give up there tanning ways. However, there are many out there who have damaged skin from too many hours in the sun, and now need some help repairing it.

There are also those who struggled with acne and now have the scars that prove it. The best solution to these and other skin blemishing marks is to try a skin lightening cream product, but which is the best to try. There are so many. Thanks to countless reviews people can now have an easier time of picking one out.

One of the best reviewed skin lightening products on the internet is Revitol Skin Brightner. This product is 100% natural.  Its ingredients include Shea Butter, Vitamin A, Grapefruit Extract, Z Whitener, and Evening Primrose Oil.  It also contains arbutin, which is a natural skin lightener and antioxidant. Another ingredient is allantoin, which already forms in the skin. It makes the skin healthier by removing dead skin cells.

This best skin lightening cream not only evens out skin tones, but removes liver spots, acne scars, freckles, and other blemishes.  It is a very affordable skin product, but can only be ordered over the phone. There is also a 90 day money back guarantee. It is not recommended for pregnant women, however.

There have not been any known side-effects. In fact, the product has produced many other healing properties than just for the skin. The combination of ingredients work to relocate melanin in the skin to areas where it will be more balanced.

One of the only skin lightening creams to beat out Revitol is Meladerm. Meladerm works by suppressing melanin.  It also works in cooperation with the other ingredients to reduce skin pigmentation.

Some of the ingredients are Kojic Acid, Alpha Arburtin, Mulberry extract, Lemon juice extract, Bearberry extract, and Licorice extract. Results can start to be seen within 2 to 4 weeks and full results are typically found within 6 months. It can be used on all skin types and has a 30 day money back guarantee for those that are unsatisfied.

It is more expensive than Revitol, but is also sold only online or over the phone. It is less effective on severely scared skin where Revitol has found results. It is also important to always wear sunscreen while in the sun and using this product. The skin can be damaged if not.

These are both excellent skin lightening products. They have both been proven to give excellent results with repeated use. The best thing about them both is they are all natural and do not contain any toxic chemicals. Also, they both work on all skin types.

How to Lighten Skin? Best Tips Revealed

How to Lighten Skin

When someone develops hyperpigmented patches of skin called melasma and wants to know how to lighten skin back to normal, they need to be aware that removing them can be a time consuming process.

It’s not an impossibility to clear these dark colored skin patches, but after quite some time and commitment, they are usually able to be reduced and you should be able to get your young youthful image back once again. The reason we get discoloration of the skin is usually due to hormonal fluctuations, or over exposure to the sun, or possibly even because of our use of certain photo toxic cosmetics.

So how do you remove this skin discoloration?

When it comes to knowing how to lighten skin, you need to first know how to stop making your skin worse than it may currently be, and that involves trying to keep out of the sun wherever possible. Always use a high SPF, preferably 30+ sun protection lotion regularly during the day, especially if you are prone to excessive perspiration, and also especially when the sun is at its hottest, usually from 11am and 3pm. Always wear a wide brimmed hat when outside, and dress in cool clothing, but ensuring you keep yourself covered as much as is practicable. Wear big sunglasses that can also give shadow to the higher part of the cheeks, and ideally ones that provide sufficient UV protection from glare so as to avoid squinting. Polarized lenses are usually best.

The next step in the process is to use skin bleaches, or skin whiteners. You can get prescribed skin whiteners as well as acquiring some over the counter varieties. Always, consult with your doctor first. The most commonly used skin whitener is Hydroquinone, however some countries don’t permit this to be used as a skin bleach, so in this situation, the use Kojic acid or Azelaic Acid bleaches instead. You should try and go with products that have additional Vitamin A derivative enrichments, and also Vitamin C. Some other options includes AHAs, which are Alpha Hydroxy Acids, and these are known to act as a chemical skin peel product which help peel away thereby removing the surface hyperpigmented layers of dead skin from the epidermis.

Natural methods of lightening your skin, involves regular application of juice from a lemon (which is rich in fruit acids). Over a period of weeks or months, this will exfoliate the darker layers of skin, and leave you with a more even complexion.

How to lighten skin bleaching and words of caution

Once your skin color has returned to its normal coloring, you should discontinue using any skin bleaching product. Should you continue using a skin bleach product on normal colored skin, you are likely to create an imbalanced look that will leave some parts of skin looking lighter than other parts. Therefore when you are happy or comfortable that your skin has returned to its normal coloring and no more dark blemishes are visible, discontinue using any skin whiteners.