How Beauty Trends Happen

beauty trends

Ever wonder how a trend starts in the beauty industry? Who calls whom to say that starting today everyone is going to stop wearing nail polish and start using lip liner again? A trend starts somewhere and it ends somewhere, and in the middle someone is responsible for getting the word out so that we all become magically aware that we should be wearing pink blush and lip gloss if we want to be beautiful.

Beauty trends start a few different ways. The first and probably the most influential trend setters are the designers who put on runway shows and can pull in millions every season for their creativity and style. We’re not talking about fashion designers.

We’re talking about makeup artists and cosmetic companies who can afford to let their seasonal choices be known in online ads, magazines, and on the faces of runway models who are seen by half the world. These beauty big boys (and girls) choose colors for their lines much like you and I might – personal preference and demographic studies and past trends.

One leading cosmetic giant said at that she comes up with ideas for her Christmas specialty items simply by thinking about what she’d like to wear, what her friends and family would like to wear and what she’d like to see others wearing. One year, she decided that silver shimmer and cranberry red would be nice, so that’s what she sent to stores and it sold like crazy.

She shared that when you know you would look good in a certain combination of colors, chances are very good that a large part of the public will agree and think they’d look good in those colors too. Amazingly simple isn’t it?

Makeup artists who do the faces of movie and television celebrities are also influential in starting and finishing trends. They are trained professionally to know what colors will look great on their client’s faces and when it does the world takes notice and plays copycat. Viola! You have a trend.

Celebrities are as susceptible to beauty trends as you and I. When their makeup artist puts them in pale pink lip gloss and soft pink highlighting powder, the celebrity down the street is more than likely getting the same style tips simply because they look great.

Whether it’s a celebrity’s look or a seasonal line, advertising and product placement (meaning, on the faces that we all wish we had) are the two major factors that determine trends in beauty products. The more you see a product, the more you think about it and consider it when you want to look a bit better than you normally do.

Purchases made after major life transitions such as a move to a new city, a new job or pregnancy account for a large portion of makeup and beauty product sales. Special occasions such as the holiday season, birthdays and vacations make you want to add something more to your usual makeup and beauty routine. These are two areas that cosmetic companies target because you’re more likely to buy what you’ve seen as “trendy” and beautiful on faces with your hair color and complexion.

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