Cooking With Real Ingredients For Heart Health

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Often we hear about whole foods and many of us often think about whole grain, like getting the wheat bread. Instead whole foods are much more about utilizing ingredients that aren’t processed. Think made from scratch cake opposed to a box cake. Over the previous couple of years as I have worked on heart disease prevention I’ve attempted to consume as much whole foods as possible.

Why I Want Whole Foods

I have selected to go this way as I am seeking to copy the way in which my mother’s parents prepared foods. Why? Mostly because they were/are quite healthy and didn’t deal with a number of the issues my mom and dad experienced. My grandmother is Ninety four and doing great. My grandfather lived till Ninety one, fit and strong till the last month.

They were farmers and grew lots of the foods that they then consumed. While my grandmother did use a few packaged products, the quantity of whole foods far outweighed the packaged items. This paired with the fact that they rarely sat down, I feel helped them to live long and healthy lives.

The second reason that I select whole foods cooking is that there are no extra additives and preservatives. I can certainly pronounce what I am cooking with and consuming. I just think that this is all over superior for you.

Why this is Hard

The toughest part of trying to use just about all whole foods is that I don’t thoroughly enjoying cooking food. Even though this continues to improve as I delight in producing very good meals, I still struggle. Particularly when I have to pick up afterwards, pick up alone makes it nearly not worth the hard work.

It is also not always the fastest way to get food on the kitchen table. Depending on what you’re making it can take considerably longer to make.

Keep on Attempting

Nevertheless, each week I try to create a menu and have as many whole foods as is feasible. As I discover new quality recipes and new approaches to cook it gets easier. Once in a while I catch myself in a “gung ho” mood and go out on a limb. Not long ago I tackled home made cupcakes for my boy’s birthday celebration (which included homemade icing).

Which helped me realize – this actually is not that difficult and when you observe the way your loved ones get excited, it makes it even more worth it. In addition since I know how to do it, it will just be easier the next time. I also feel a bit better about goodies when I know what is in them.

So I will keep on my intention of using whole foods, and believe that it will keep getting easier. And this is one more than that can help make my journey to heart disease prevention that much more enjoyable and easy!

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